Team Awards

DivisionCup WinnerCup Runner UpPlate WinnerPlate Runner Up
Men's Premier Malory England Juniors Polonia Riga
Women's Premier Team Balory Swiss Cottage Ashcombe Dorking Polonia
Men's One Team Gios Stunned Cats Cunning Stunts Thames Valley
Men's Two Guildford White Eagles Jamax Voloholics
Men's Three Foreign Legion Petersfield White Eagles Basset Bees
Men's Three X Legion Of Warthogs Wapping Wildcats Priory 1978 Aschcombe
Women's One Foxy Chicks Cows Barbies Badgers
Women's Two BPs White Eagles Angels Safe Sets
Women's Three Maidenhead P-Unit Newbury Women Aqua Sullis
Mixed One Caterpillars Team Gios Lionhearts Maidenhead Muppets
Mixed Two Cleobury Team Bean Shirt Spaces Still Available for Sponsorship A case of the Hits
Mixed Three Yeovil Viceroys Sandbanks The G Men Tamworth 1