Number of Teams

Men 1 & 2 *

National League / Regional League


Men 3

Local League


Women 1 & 2 *

National League / Regional League / Local League


Mixed 1

National League / Top Regional League (3 women on court, minimum)


Mixed 2

Regional League 3 / Local League (3 women on court, minimum)


Mixed 3

Local League/Recreational (3 women on court, minimum)


Mixed 4

Novice/beginners (3 women on court, minimum)


* For Men 1 & 2 and Women 1 & 2. Teams will compete in one division on Sat (1 & 2). The top placed teams will go into division 1 (on Sunday) and the bottom placed teams into division 2

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter the competition format and move teams between divisions depending on number of teams, safety issues, etc.


Normal 6-a-side FIVB playing rules apply (except we don't insist on shirt numbers, hence no starting rotations) 

Format is either 2 set matches or best of 3 sets

In Mixed Divisions there must be at least 3 women on court at all times. 

In Women’s Divisions, only females may play. There is no rule that allows boys to be counted as women in Mixed Divisions.

Females are permitted to play in the Men’s competition.

No player can officially play for more than one team in the tournament. However to ensure that teams do not have to withdraw completely on the weekend due to injured players etc we try to be a bit flexible with thisSome of our tournament staff are happy to fill in for the odd game (but they are not allowed to play for the one team the entire weekend). Or failing that, you may be able to borrow a player from another team, but we insist that it isn’t someone playing in the same division. He/she would need to be playing in a different division. Also, their availability is not allowed to impinge on or affect your team’s schedule of matches. So if they are still playing on a different court when your team is about to start you would have to find someone else, ie you will not be allowed to delay the start of your match. 

Please make sure you get the agreement of Kate or Ron in the tournament office regards this point. Any dispute regarding player eligibility will be decided finally by the tournament committee who reserve the right to amend rulings, should exceptional circumstances occur. Teams are expected to play within the spirit of the rules.

Your team’s responsibilities:

  1. EVERY TEAM MUST SEND ONE (two max) REPRESENTATIVES to the ‘Captains Meeting’ at the Tournament Office (Marquee) at 8.30am on Saturday & Sunday. This is when you will register your team for the day and collect your playing schedule. 
  1. All teams must complete a team player list. Please bring your completed list to the Captains Meeting on Saturday (or prior) to the tournament. Once the list is submitted, additions may only be made at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.  NO TEAM MAY TAKE PART UNTIL THEIR TEAM LIST HAS BEEN SUBMITTED.
  1. Matches will start at 9.30am prompt on both days. Teams are expected to participate on both days. Sunday's playing schedule will be given out on Sunday at the Captains Meeting at 8.30am 
  1. You must provide officials for each game you are assigned, including:  
    1. Referee (plus whistle)
    2. Second referee (plus whistle)
    3. Scorer (plus pen)
    4. Lines persons (2 min)
  1. Any team not participating in all their matches or refereeing commitments may be barred from future tournaments.
  1. Teams MUST be ready to play at the end of the previous match. Any team not on court within 5 minutes may forfeit the match. However teams have NO right to claim matches themselves – this decision can only be made by a member of the tournament committee (Kate or Ron). 
  1. The winning team is responsible for checking and returning the score sheet - to the Tournament Office. Match results will be displayed on boards outside the Tournament Office as soon as we can process them.

Trophies and presentations

Trophies and player medals will be presented to:

  • Divisional winners and runners-up 
  • Plate competition winners and runners-up 

Presentation of trophies will be made outside the Tournament Office immediately after the Division 1 Finals (approx 4.30 pm)