The Dave McCarthy Award

The Dave McCarthy Award is given to the best individual player in each of the Indoor Premier Division Finals. The award is presented in memory of Dave McCarthy, a player and coach for Whitefield Volleyball Club and also a long-standing tournament secretary.

Women's Award:
Nadine Brinkhuis (London QKX)
Men's Award:
Luca Pinter (Malory Eagles)

The Bill Daniel Award

The Bill Daniel Award is given to the team or player who best epitomises the friendly and sporting Spirit of the Tournament. The award is presented in the memory of Bill Daniel, who was a good friend to members of Whitefield Volleyball Club and a true sportsman.

People, people, people!!!
Nominated by Hotlips and Caipi:
-- "Lovely people, friendly attitude & fun to play against"
-- "Best team name and always cheerful"

Men’s Premier Division

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Malory Eagles 3 Winners London Docklands
Runners Up Newcastle Staffs 4 Run/Up England Juniors
5 United Nations
6 Richmond

Men’s Division One

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Team Gios 5 Winners Thames Valley Jets
Runners Up Inter 6 Run/Up Newbury
3 Purbrook Park School 7 Flaming Six
4 Malory Eagles 8 Milton Keynes
9 The Fantastic 4 + 2
10 Big G & the Muppets

Men’s Division Two

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Guildford one 5 Winners Zartosch
Runners Up Portsmouth 6 Run/Up Sets Therapists
3 Telford 7 Flower Power
4 Stray Cats 8 Aquae Sulis
9 Jamax
10 Cobras

Men’s Division Three

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Yeovil Viceroy 1 9 Winners Scrumpy Jumpers
Runners Up Va Va Voom 10 Run/Up The Drinking Team
3 Cudley Dudley 11 } Maidenhead Men
4 Winchester 11} Spike Monkeys
5 Brentwood 13 } Biffers & Nippers
6 Basingstoke 13 } Malory eagles
7 Wootton Bassett 13 } Panthers
8 Reading Aces 13 } Spikeopaths Men
17 } Abergavenny
17 } Boxhill Bandits
17 } Deep Six
17 } Hemel Sonics

Men’s Division Three A

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Wapping Wildcats 5 Winners Ashcombe Pan Busters
Runners Up Warthogs of Doom 6 Run/Up Priory 2009 ‘Old en Gray’
3 Random 7 Basingstoke Bandits
4 Rugby Phoenix 8 Tossers
9 Silent Monkey
9 Sets Maniacs

Mixed Division One

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Hotlips 5 Winners Tamworth Blaze
Runners Up People, people, people!!! 6 Run/Up Spikeopaths Mixed
3 Cunning Stunts 7 Spikeo Mixed
4 The Muppets 8 Gaydads Mixed Nuts
9 Newbury Caterpillars
10 Loud Noises

Mixed Division Two

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Eastern Dumplings 9 Winners Tamworth Heat
Runners Up Egham Fire 10 Run/Up Phoenix Sun Block
3 King Alfs 11 } Free Beers at the Bar
4 Basingstoke 11 } Watford
5 Flying Bagodi Brothers 13 } The Wedding Party
6 Vollox 13 } Vale Volleyers
7 Croyde Beach 13 } Wapping Wildcats
8 Epsom 13 } Nottingham Casualties
17 } Jimbo's Jumping Jesters
17 } Capt. Craen's Caped Crusasders
17 } Silver backs
17 } The Mighty Spikos

Mixed Division Three

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners IBM Blues 9 Winners Mixed Nuts
Runners Up Terracotta Army 10 Run/Up A case of the hits
3 PVC 11 } Phoenix Firebirds
4 Nials Crusaders 11 } Spelthorne Sharks
5 The G Men 11 } Jets
6 Warwick Uni 14 } Maidenhead Mixed
7 Scared Hitless 15 } Newbury Nags
8 Pumas 15 } Aquae Sulis
17 } Newbury Vikings
17 } Reading Aces

Womens Division One

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners London QKX 5 Winners KCs & the Sunshine
Runners Up Ashcombe Dorking 6 Run/Up Foxy Chicks
3 Wiltshire Mavericks 7 Inter
4 Barbies 7 Yeovil Viceroy Bombay
9 Malory Eagles
10 Bitchy Blockers

Women’s Division Two

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Maidenhead Maids 9 Winners Taffs & Tarts
Runners Up Bath Buddies 10 Run/Up Travelling Circus
3 Sets in the City 7 Dynamo Divas
4 Isis

Women’s Division Three

PosnCup CompetitionPosnPlate Competition
Winners Ashcombe Freak Out 5 Winners Sets Slaves
Runners Up Caipi 6 Run/Up Who are we?
3 Malory Eagles 7 Basingstoke
4 Lady Gios


Team Awards

DivisionCup WinnerCup Runner UpPlate WinnerPlate Runner Up
Men's Premier Malory England Juniors Polonia Riga
Women's Premier Team Balory Swiss Cottage Ashcombe Dorking Polonia
Men's One Team Gios Stunned Cats Cunning Stunts Thames Valley
Men's Two Guildford White Eagles Jamax Voloholics
Men's Three Foreign Legion Petersfield White Eagles Basset Bees
Men's Three X Legion Of Warthogs Wapping Wildcats Priory 1978 Aschcombe
Women's One Foxy Chicks Cows Barbies Badgers
Women's Two BPs White Eagles Angels Safe Sets
Women's Three Maidenhead P-Unit Newbury Women Aqua Sullis
Mixed One Caterpillars Team Gios Lionhearts Maidenhead Muppets
Mixed Two Cleobury Team Bean Shirt Spaces Still Available for Sponsorship A case of the Hits
Mixed Three Yeovil Viceroys Sandbanks The G Men Tamworth 1

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