Team Entry (all divisions) £120
Adult Camping (pay on arrival) £17
Child Camping (pay on arrival) £12
Camping, under 5 Free
Parking (cars at Manor Farm 350yds from main venue) Free
Campervan - vehicle only (must accompany camping wristband) £15 (limited spaces)
Motor Home - vehicle only (must accompany camping wristband) £25 (limited spaces)
Caravan - vehicle only (must accompany camping wristband) £30 (limited spaces)
Gazebo pitch £5 (BYO, we don't provide gazebos)




  • Do I need to pay for each day?

No, the prices for camping (and obviously, playing) are for the whole weekend, regardless of whether you camp Friday and Saturday or only Saturday.

  • What is an adult? What is a child?

Adults are any campers aged 16 or over. Children are campers aged 5 to 15. Children under 5 are free.

  • If my team or family bring more that one tent, do I need to pay per tent?

No, the prices apply per person, not per tent.

  • If I bring my caravan, motorhome, etc, do I still need to pay for camping?

Yes, you need to purchase a camping place for EACH person/child

  • Do you provide tents and/or gazebos?

No, you need to bring all your own camping equipment.

  • What happens if my wristband breaks?

Return to the tournament office with the broken wristband for replacement.  Payment will be required if wristband is lost.



Payment Charges Apply

PayPal adds a 5% charge to all transactions.